Integrated marketing communications help businesses to build brand identity, brand relationship and to create brand equity through brand synergy. It is an idea based on common sense. Instead of dividing communications into several overlapping departments, organizations use one strategy for everything, making every communication consistent with one message through one strategy.


Digital experience provides a level of utility, service and access to information that has changed the world. Convenience and connectedness are no longer just nice to haves, they are in the centre of consumer experience and they must be emphasized in brand actions. We specialize in helping clients create digital platforms, services and products that enhance and amplify their business offerings in ground-breaking / through-breaking new ways. Modo is a help to coordinate every digital aspect of the design, programming and the development process so that your new projects rollout will proceed on schedule.
- Online campaign management - Social platform management - Banner development and programming - Touch screen development and programming - Google adwords campaign - Google display campaign - Website development


We transform informative and educational stories into creative, digital content which educates, inspires and entertains. Our aim is to create original and innovative animation that people really enjoy watching. From the idea to the final concept, we produce high quality visual effects and graphics.


With more than 10 years of experience in the FMCG industry, we are among the leading experts in package design development. Using our extensive knowledge we are bringing creative ideas to your project. In order to offer the most innovative packaging solutions possible, we stay plugged into the industry, staying aware of all the latest trends in design and the new products that are available. Whatever your market - from food services to tobacco packaging - we use our specialized knowledge to offer the best packaging design and packaging development solutions suiting your particular needs. What's more, we'll provide your company with digital prototypes (3D) that help you visualize your product designs on virtually any shape of material or container, and we'll offer ongoing technical support and service to carry you all the way from concept to final distribution.


THE STORY IS THE ESSENCE OF VIRALITY Branded content based on storytelling allows the reinvention of the relationship between a brand and its clients. The brand content – and specifically storytelling – has become the most reliable tool to reach your target; mainly to relay your messages and values to your clients, and to create a solid emotional bond with them while generating new leads.


We also support the classical communication channels through several creative print development. The proper printed products and decorations are some of the most foundational assets of creative communication. The service of our agency completely covers all the areas coming with style while assigning an integrated appearance.


Instead of focusing on the product the retailer wants to sell, we focus on understand different needs of consumers. The retail communication is NOT about sell, but inspiring and encourage people to buy well. Our mission is transforming brand equity into real action in retail environment In retail communication we use various advertising and communication tools to grow brand awareness and considerations. Finding the right marketing mix can lead to a profitable growth. By considering the right advertising strategy through all channels, consumers can persuaded to choose the relevant encouraged brand from the shelf.